GMAIt was great working with you Joe. It was a real pleasure. Thanks so much for helping make this happen and paving the way for a great shoot. You clearly knew what I needed to make good television. This was a true team effort!


ABC News – Good Morning America






Thank you again for the work that you did! The radio tour was fantastic!

Kristin Dwyer
Senior Publicist
Simon & Schuster
Spotlight Entertainment




Dr. Sabrina Freeman

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Joe Ullrich to anyone who needs media promotion for a book or a cause. I have known Mr. Ullrich for many years and can say without reservation that he is one of the most professional people I have met in the promotions business. Not only is he exceptionally talented and understands the media business very well, he also has much personal integrity, which is a quality that regrettably is in short supply in the media in general and in the promotions business in particular. Joe is a tireless professional, sending out press releases on a moment’s notice and always trying to grab a media opportunity.

Joe has given me tremendous insight into the media business. Through his instruction, I have learned to give attention-grabbing interviews both on radio and television. Joe taught me how to ‘boil down’ complex thoughts in a way that a television or radio audience can quickly and fully grasp. These skills are a must for anyone trying to publicize a cause or promote a book.

On a personal note,  Joe came to truly believe in our cause. This is an added bonus since it is so nice to work with someone who understands and supports social justice. Even after completing my contract with him, he thinks about how to further promote my cause (and by extension, my book) and calls me up whenever an opportunity arises!
If you have a book to promote or a cause that needs publicity,  Joe’s your man!

Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D.
Author of Science for Sale in the Autism Wars


I just wanted to drop you a line and express my sincere appreciation for the great job you did on our PR project. You are a consummate professional! The attention to detail you apply and your creativity is what sets you and your company apart from the competitors. Your PR knowledge and expertise was instrumental in shaping our campaign.

David Plunkett
Product Manager
Basic Research



Matt Traverso_250

“Joe Ullrich is a brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and gifted PR and publicity specialist. He first spent time learning about my business, target market and objectives. From there he created a strategic plan for marketing and growing my business. Joe is very results-focused and quick to respond to questions I had throughout the project. His insight and experience have helped me greatly in developing a large and strategic presence in the US and internationally. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking to increase their business and take their media presence to the next level.”

Matt Traverso – Author of Reverse Diabetes Now


Author Robert Feuerstein 250

Joe: You’re top notch. I don’t know how many interviews you’ve arranged, or even their notoriety (even though there were a couple that were both amusing and important), but you’ve certainly tried your hardest and given more support to me than I could imagine. And on top of that, I like your enthusiasm and methodical organization when making those contacts. Your taking care of things made my life a lot easier. Thank you.

Robert H. Feuerstein – Author of: Our Road to Hatred—How We Raise our Bullies







cnbcYou are such an awesome publicist and I am so amazed at how dedicated you are to your clients needs and at making things happen!

Tracey La’Stell Slates
Senior News Producer




Joe Ullrich of Omni Publicity has been a vital, instrumental part of the development of the “Anne Bissell” platform. Joe is a consummate professional, and works tirelessly and tenaciously to bring together producers, authors, and their message. Joe worked with me and a former porn star turned publisher, Cleopatra Cameron, aka Aspen Brock, to develop the sensational A Current Affair story. He was instrumental in setting up radio shows, Globe Magazine and newspaper segments, and most recently an appearance on the Donny Deutsch Show. I highly recommend Joe, and feel honored to have him on my team.

Anne Bissell
Memoirs of A Sex Industry Survivor





Joe- As you are well aware I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to these things. However I’ve got to say I’m cautiously optimistic as to the results of my PR campaign. I began getting calls from qualified prospects just days after you sent out the first press release. It looks as though I’ll be signing two new clients as a result of the campaign. I’m becoming a believer!

Best regards,
Don Brown
Spectrum Ink Publishing